3 Month Wall Calendars - Kimdo

The wall planner where you see 3 or 4 months at a glance and
the size of the numbers allow you see from a distance.

KL Calendar

Kimdo - KL Calendar Size: 34.5 x 80.1 cm

Size: 34.5 x 80.1 cm


KO Calendar

Kimdo - KO Calendar Size: 32.5 x 83 cm

Size: 32.5 x 83 cm


KC Calendar

Kimdo - KC Calendar Size: 32 x 66 cm

Size: 32 x 66 cm


Kimdo -
Our desktop calendars are widely used as a marketing product for customers. They will make your company the center of attention, with personalized advertising and design, they are the most common and most used calendars in all types of businesses. It´s paper and texture allow a high quality printing and has a thick body that gives it rigidity and consistency. These desktop calendars will help you keep control of the daily or weekly activities that take place in your company, as well as a good decoration object in your work place.
Kimdo -
Specialists in Design and Development of promotional items such as notebooks and diaries, which represent an excellent advertising product for daily use, where you can position your brand. We work with the highest standards of quality in finishes and materials, that´s why we are the main suppliers of great brands. Our products are fully customized and we have a trained staff to provide the best care and advice.

About us


Kimdo - Mission
Consulting in design and personalization of useful advertising articles for your clients.


Kimdo - Vision
Allow you to be 365 days a year with his client adapting his corporate image.


Kimdo - Values
precision and
Kimdo -
30 years of experience in the production of calendars and notebooks.
We export to North America, Central America and Europe.
Italian and German digital printing technology.
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